Quilhas Captain Fins Single Tab Dylan Graves TM


Captain Fin

Quilhas Captain Fins Single Tab Dylan Graves TM


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From concept to creation, Dylan wanted a fin that looked different, but worked as well (if not better) than any other fin on the market. What we got is the "Drunken Seagull" template and it's awesome! Dylan swears by it. He changed it up a bit and went with solid fiberglass to stiffen things up and to give it that glass on feel... It even has a special guest appearance by his dog Guy.

Type: Tri-fin * FUTURE FIN

  • Fiberglass and Resin
  • F.Height:4.5 Base: 4.4 Area: 14.84 R.Height: 4.34 Base: 4.32 Area: 13.63
  • Foil: Flat Foil Weight: MED: 140 - 190 lbs
  • Single Tab/Futures Compatible
  • Recommended weight indication / 65-85 kg
  • Comes complete w/ Fin Key and Fin Storage Bag