Barbatanas Churchill Makapuu


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Barbatanas Churchill Makapuu

Inclui IVA a 23%

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Made since 1936, the Patented and Trademarked, Churchill Makapuu Floating Fins, have become standard equipment in performance bodyb boarding and are also the original swimfin. Each natural rubber fin is individually inspected for quality. The Makapuu fin was created to resemble a dolphin tail, which will give you the most thrust and performace out of any fin on the market. The Makapuu fin is made of 100% natural gum rubber and they float!

Type: Dolphin Shape 100% Floating Gum Rubber

  • Thicker heel strap to lock your foot into the fin
  • Natural gum rubber foot pocket for ultimate confort
  • Stiffer blade for optimum thrust and performance
  • Drainage hole for rocks and water to escape
  • Higher blend line to achieve a more powerful kick
  • Stiffer side rails for maximum kicking