Saco Madness Changing Mat



Saco Madness Changing Mat


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Ideal neoprene bag on which you can change your clothes and then pack and transport the wet neoprene. Leave the sand on the beach and not in the car! How many times have you taken off your wetsuit and cursed the sandy, gravel parking lot because it covers your wet with enough sand to fill a cement mixer? Fortunately those days are numbered. They were designed for easy changing of wet and dry clothes. When the zipper is opened, the bag opens to form a circular changing mat with a durable nylon bottom to protect your feet. A padded centre provides comfort, while an easy-to-clean plastic top provides an ideal changing platform. After taking off your wetsuit, you can leave it on the mat and zip up the sides to form a clean, waterproof bag. When you get tired of changing in mud, gravel, oil or water, you can use the Moonbag to change on a clean, dry surface. Once you have changed, you can store your wet clothes or wetsuit in the bag.

Type: Changing Mat

  • 100% Nylon waterproof
  • AFTER-SURF Moving Bag
  • High comfort through padded centre
  • Easy change of wet and dry clothes