Quilhas Captain Fins Andy Davis Bolts 10


Captain Fin

Quilhas Captain Fins Andy Davis Bolts 10


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The pivot fin which greatly increased an area perpendicularly has all elements necessary for a nose ride with it. Two points that are important to make a nose ride are nose ride hold characteristics of the board after setup and the setup to the available position. The pivot fin can lower the radius of the turn from the shape that stood up approximately perpendicularly and facilitates the setup to the position that is most suitable for 為 which it is possible for by a turn quickly (pivot turn), a nose ride. It is the fin which is most suitable for the classical boards such as nose riders.

Type: Longboard fins

  • MATERIAL: Fiberglass
  • DIMENSIONS: Front Height: 10 Base: 6.8 Area: 53.14
  • FLEX: Stiff
  • COMPATIBILITY: Standard US Fin Box
  • INCLUDES: Fin Key and Storage Bag