Prancha Lost 5.10 Sabo TAJ



Prancha Lost 5.10 Sabo TAJ


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The “Sabo_TAJ”  is the result of ongoing design development between Taj Burrow and Matt Biolos. The outline, with its noticeably wider than average nose (and a pulled in round tail) is semi elliptical and continuously curving, lending a feeling of catch free ease. Combined with the low entry rocker,this outline enables the board to be ridden quite short. The tail is pulled in “late”, but still features enough surface area in the fin area, under the rear foot, to be surfed fast and radical in every day waves, while the narrow tail tip holds in solid surf and tube riding, when asked. Powerful Indo reef waves, punchy beach breaks, compact slabs, lined up points or even soft lumpy rollers, the Sabo_TAJ provides effective consistency, with the ability to be pushed to reckless and radical Taj Burrow levels, in nearly all conditions. Taj rides it 1″ shorter, but a touch wider, than his typical #Pro_formance short board, but depending on your preferred use, it can be ridden even a bit shorter (or much longer) for various, and equally effective degrees of diversity and fun.

Type: Surfboard

  • LENGTH : 5’10
  • WIDTH : 19.00
  • THICKNESS : 2.40