Oculos VonZipper Roller



Oculos VonZipper Roller


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The Von Zipper Roller is a perfect choice of Sunglasses from the superb Von Zipper collection. These exciting Sunglasses have a compelling arrangement of superb features. Item ranges in price between $100 and $150. If you're looking for something masculine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for men. This eyewear is eligible for prescription lens installation. Black is the most common color seen in the dark. between black and white in color. the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Metallic gray but livelier, more playful. Navigate through life wearing this conventional navigator shape. Gradient tint is a fashionable selection which starts out dark at the top and gradually lightens towards the bottom of the sunglass lenses. It is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of completeness, lens security, toleration and absolute style. If you're looking for something feminine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for women.

Type: Sunglasses

  • Bronze is a metallic brown color which resembles the actual alloy bronze.
  • The dappled amber tones of tortoiseshell have timeless class
  • Crafted from plastic and carefully constructed to display a bold look and stylish flair.