Kit Reparação Phix Doctor Zero G Universal


Phix Doctor

Kit Reparação Phix Doctor Zero G Universal


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Zero G UV Foam Filler 2.25 FL OZ (67 ML). THE ONLY FOAM FILLER THAT’S SAFE for ALL EPOXY and POLY Boards, SELF SEALING, ENDLESS SHELF LIFE, ZERO G IS HEAT RESISTANT so it Stores in a Hot Car or Anywhere! Clean Up is a Snap, Just Use Soap and Water to Remove This Non Toxic Formula! Zero G UV Foam Filler is the First Product That is Safe For Use on Both Epoxy and Poly Boards! Other products like Ding All “Ultra White” CAN MELT EPS FOAM and has limited Shelf Life, While Solarez Epoxy Microlite is Very Expensive! ZERO G Foam Filler Goes On in 1/4in (6 ml) Layers and requires a Plastic Cover to Create a Non Sticky, Waterproof Finish. Take Airline Approved ZERO G Anywhere and be Ready For Your Next Session! Phix Doctor – Better Resins / Better Repairs

Type: Universal Uv Foam Filler